What Are The Advantages Of Having Multiple Demat Accounts?

Creating a Demat account is one of the crucial steps in a stock investor’s journey. If you want to start earning profits through stock trading, opening a Demat account is a must. 

Back when technology was limited, people had to do things offline, and opening a Demat account was a big challenge. Now, with the arrival of online trading apps, you can easily create a Demat account from the comfort of your cozy couch.

With the growing ease of investing in stocks through any stock broking app, have you ever thought of creating multiple accounts? More importantly, is it possible for the same person to have multiple Demat accounts? This article will answer all such questions. 

Can you have more than one online Demat account? 

Yes, you can. There’s no limit to how many Demat accounts you can have at once. But before you decide to get more than one, it’s important to understand what it means. Having multiple accounts means you have to manage them and pay any fees associated with them.

Why would you want more than one Demat account? 

Think of a Demat account as a savings account for your investments. Just like some people have multiple savings accounts for different purposes, having more than one Demat account lets you spread out your investments. This can be helpful if you want to keep different types of investments separate.

Each Demat account is linked to your PAN card, so every investment you make is connected to you. Also, you can only open one Demat account with each broker. So, if you want another Demat account, you’ll need to use a different broker.

What are the benefits of having multiple Demat accounts? 

  • Having multiple Demat accounts lets you trade & invest in different assets while keeping things organized. You can put different investments in different accounts, like mutual funds in one and stocks in another.
  • Each brokerage firm has its strengths and weaknesses. By using different brokers, you can get different insights and market updates, which can help you make better decisions.
  • Using multiple Demat accounts also gives you more investment opportunities. For example, you could use one account to invest in new company shares (IPOs). Splitting your investments across different accounts helps you manage things better and increases your investment options.


Creating a Demat account is a crucial step for anyone looking to start trading, long term or intraday in stocks and earning profits.

With the convenience of features like stock trading alerts, live charts, and more, opening a Demat account has become easier than ever before. While there’s no limit to how many Demat accounts one can have, it’s important to understand the responsibilities and fees associated with managing multiple accounts. 

Having multiple Demat accounts allows investors to diversify their investments and take advantage of different brokerage firms’ strengths. It also provides more flexibility and opportunities for investing in various assets. Ultimately, whether to have multiple Demat accounts depends on individual preferences and investment goals.